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October 26, 2012
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Genevieve Alone by EmmaSakura495 Genevieve Alone by EmmaSakura495
Spoiler Alert kinda...
*** Genevieve ***
The snow blinds me, whipping my hair around my face. The cold stings. I am protected from the wind's lashing by a thin blue nightgown. I am wounded, dark red spots and bright red patches cover my body. I am going to die. But that’s okay. After all, I am not normal. I am not human. But if I am not human, then… what am I? I burn in the sun, I drink the blood of humans, I have fangs, I have an animal inside me, a monster.
I hold myself as the snow pounds into me.
Genevieve, the name all fear. I remember the way the people screamed, “Genevieve is possessed by an unholy demon! She must be banished!” My own father willingly testified against me. Later, the people hung him, because he had a part in conceiving me, and there must be something wrong with him, to have made me.
So this is my fate. I die alone in this blizzard. I fall into the wall of glass the snow and wind have created under me. The top layer of ice shatters into my face. Life is such a cruel thing. I close my eyes and wait. Wait for the end.
But it never comes. A few seconds later, I feel warmth around my shoulders. Something lifts me into the air and I am swaying to its rhythm. I look up to the silhouette of a man. The snow hits him, but he doesn’t care. I move my head to stare where he stares, my hair cracks under me, having frozen long ago. There is a light. Three. Windows and an open door. He stomps towards them, taking the blizzard head-on.
Why did he save me? I am a monster. Doesn’t he know who I am? No. He can’t possible. Who would save something like me?

So that is the intro to Genevieve, a character from Blood Princess. I guess that's all I got. You'll learn more about her as I finally upload shiz. So ta da.

Second Genevieve pic: [link]

Genevieve, Blood Princess, Raven, and all associated items and subjects are (c) by me :iconemmasakura495: EmmaSakura495 AKA Emmajeanne Wells
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